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Tennyson in his Library – PhD Funding

March 28, 2014

The University of Lincoln is launching “Tennyson in His Library: Reading, Writing, and Collecting Books in the Nineteenth Century”, an interdisciplinary project set up by the School of Art and Design and the School of Humanities

This project is devoted to a study of the private libraries held at the Tennyson Research Centre (TRC) in Lincoln of the poet Alfred Tennyson, his wife Emily Tennyson, his father George Clayton Tennyson, and his uncle Charles Tennyson d’Eyncourt offer. The ambition is to gain:

insight into the social, cultural, and intellectual history of books and of reading in the nineteenth century. The project will seek to develop social conceptions of reading, giving us a sense of the way that Victorian readers exchanged as well as absorbed texts. It will also utilise Lincoln’s research strengths in materials analysis, conservation, and restoration in order to adapt forensic methodologies to the study of the book.

The project will fund a full-time PhD student who will be encouraged to develop his or her own research project.  But areas of interest that might be explored include:

  • Tennyson’s libraries and the communications circuit (writing, illustrating, printing, publishing, selling, reading books in the period)
  • Family libraries and the history of reading
  • The private library within nineteenth-century print culture
  • The library and the nineteenth-century collection
  • Material texts and Tennyson’s oeuvre
  • Tennyson as annotator
  • Manuscript and print: Tennyson’s proofs

All inquiries about the project and the studentship may be directed to Dr Jim Cheshire.

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