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March 16, 2012

We can confirm (with a fair bit of excitement) that Heather Jackson and Dirk Van Hulle have kindly agreed to give a plenary lecture at the conference.

Marginal note on poverty of magnificent eloquence in Coleridge's copy of A Treatise on Indigence (1806) by Patrick Colquhoun (pp.8-9). Image courtesy Pratt Library, University of Toronto

Heather Jackson is Professor of English at the University of Toronto (Canada).  She is the editor of three volumes S.T. Coleridge’s marginalia in the Coleridge Bollingen Collected Works and the author of two excellent books: Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books (2001) and Romantic Readers: The Evidence of Marginalia (2005), both published by Yale University Press.  Dirk Van Hulle is Professor of English at the University of Antwerp (Belgium).  He is the author of Textual Awareness: A Genetic Study of Late Manuscripts by Joyce, Proust, and Mann (2004) and Manuscript Genetics, Joyce’s Know-How, Beckett’s Nohow (2009), and he has co-edited Reading Notes, a special of Variants: the Journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship 2/3 (2004).  He is currently at work on a digital project and monograph on the library of Samuel Beckett.


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